Medical Marijuana Law

Medical Marijuana Law


Providing legal counsel to dispensaries and other cannabis professionals.


Medical marijuana is now legalized in several states, including Arizona. The Wilkins Law team currently counsels clients in legal issues associated with the distribution and sales of medical marijuana and managing of dispensaries. We are also closely monitoring the push to legalize recreational marijuana use and we are available to advise on how to prepare for opportunities to expand.

One of our attorneys, Taylor Swick, is a former lobbyist for the medical marijuana industry. His in-depth knowledge of the statute, regulations and the industry, provide our clients with in-depth insight into the unique legal nuances businesses in this industry may face. As a firm, we understand the implications the new laws have on a medical marijuana business and we have successfully represented individuals in litigation. 

Our clients include dispensary certificate holders, caregivers, medical professionals and others doing business in medical marijuana.